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Highly skilled and versatile senior product design engineer with 20+ years’ experience looking for product design and development roles with an emphasis on human factors engineering (HFE). Adept at conceiving and developing innovative, appealing designs and turning them into manufacturing reality and profitable products. Self-motivated, methodical, detail-oriented and energetic multitasker with passion for design. Work well both independently and as a team member or project team lead. Seeking to engage in new challenges and learning experiences, while delighting customers, mentoring others, furthering my professional growth and the growth of the organization.

Working for small companies has allowed full mastery of the design and manufacture process from product conception through release in the marketplace, while active involvement in all phases has provided me with a broad and comprehensive skill set. Combining this with a business acumen allows me to help solve strategic business problems.


  • R&D
  • Product invention/design
  • Making products that fulfill the required function and appeal to the potential customer at the correct price point
  • Realizing product opportunities (improving existing products or creating product innovations)
  • Product creation using hand sketches and SolidWorks CAD/CAE
  • Brainstorming conceptual ideas to iterate to better product solutions
  • HFE to enhance the user experience
  • Hands-on prototype creation and internal/external testing on models and cadavers
  • Performing prototype iterations with necessary course corrections based on results
  • Design control
  • Design Failure Mode Effects Analysis (DFMEA) and Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis (PFMEA)
  • Optimization of selected designs for high volume manufacture, high quality, and reliability using DFM, DFA and DFS
    principles and best practices
  • New Product Introductions (NPI)/transferring prototype designs smoothly from R&D to manufacturing or outsourcing to China (engineering drawings and specifications)
  • Process validations (IQ/OQ/PQ)
  • Management of multiple projects, ensuring all are executed on time and on or under budget
  • Management of cross-functional product design/manufacturing teams


Manager, Advanced Manufacturing Group
Champion the design of products which perform well and enhance the user experience. Optimize prototype designs for performance, manufacturability and serviceability in parallel. This approach reduces development time and ensures the original design intent is not diminished as a result of redesign for manufacturability. Accountable for the practical application of product design for excellence principles. Evaluation of post market surveillance data for ongoing continuous improvement of commercially released product.

  • Designed medical sterilization trays to be easy and intuitive to use.
  • Career highlight - Implemented industrial design techniques to develop packaging for multiple products that protected the product and promoted the company brand at low cost. Received Marketing Director recognition for a sleek, innovative design that reflected the high tech look and feel of the Activ Surgical product line.
  • Career highlight - Implemented industrial design techniques to develop packaging for multiple products that protected the product and promoted the company brand at low cost. Received Marketing Director recognition for a sleek, innovative design that reflected the high tech look and feel of the Activ Surgical product line.
  • Help facilitate the design transfer, design for manufacture and assembly line setup of the first commercial product with designated contract manufacturer.

CONCERT MEDICAL (Theragenics Inc - Medical device design & manufacture) - NORWELL MA2020 - 2021
Senior Product Design and Manufacturing Engineer
Designed and manufactured a wide range of equipment to produce Cardiology and Neurological guidewires. In charge of ensuring new products and equipment were optimized for ergonomics and performance. In addition, assured these guidewires were optimized for DFM and DFA whilst maintaining high quality. Supported all phases of existing product life cycles, performing product design improvements and cost reductions.

  • Rehired to perform upgrades to highly successful Profile Grinder equipment I designed and manufactured over 20 years ago. Even after manufacturing over 3 million wires the equipment is still competitive today and worthy of updating.

Senior Product Design and Manufacturing Engineer / Project Manager
Designed new surgical instrument support with an emphasis on HFE, providing surgeons with more features and higher performance while optimized for manufacturability. Also, responsible for redesigning poorly functioning sections of the robot based on post market surveillance. Transitioned surgical solutions from R&D to production. Ensured DFM, DFA and DFS whilst maintaining a high quality, reliable and low cost manufactured product. In addition, supported all phases of existing product life cycles, performing design improvements and cost reductions.

  • Lead product designer on new surgical instrument support to allow deeper surgical procedures and use of a wider range of instruments and products. The new instrument support had more features than the previous design and allowed surgeons easier access to the auxiliary port which was previously obscured.
  • Career highlight - Lead product designer for redesigned robotic arm for improved locking performance and intuitive operational locking/unlocking tactile and audible feedback. The new design was praised by the sales and marketing team for transforming the customer experience.
  • Provided direction and mentorship for interns, peers and colleagues.

CONCERT MEDICAL LLC (formerly Accellent Inc., medical device design & manufacture) — Norwell, MA2005 - 2017
Senior Product Design & Manufacturing Engineer
New product concept development and transition from R&D to production. Performed design revisions and cost reduction through better manufacturing and outsourcing to add quality and value. Supported all phases of product life cycle.

  • Career highlight — Co-inventor of patented design for lap joint for wire hybrid stainless steel and nitinol guidewire (Patent US US20070282270A1). This challenging metal joint allowed the company to sell its own hybrid wire without having to pay royalties for the use of a competitor's patented joint design.
  • Career highlight — Co-inventor PCT/US 2014030339) regional anesthesia infusion device to aid surgeons during surgical procedures. Patient Safety Innovation of the Year award 2020 issued by HSJ (Health Service Journal), London, UK, September 2021. Human factors were important criteria contributing to the success of this product, especially the foot pedal. This high-volume, single-use device required extensive design optimization to achieve the necessary low selling price. Strategic outsourcing to China was also necessary.

Accellent Inc (formerly Microspring Inc., Medical device design & manufacture) — Norwell, MA1999 - 2005
Senior Lead Design & Manufacturing Engineer
Served as project manager / lead for cross-functional team of six incorporating technicians, machinists, electronics engineers and draftsmen. Managed resource allocations, budgets, and milestone adherence for many projects some of which are outlined below.

  • Career highlight — Co-designed and developed Urology Stone Cone lithotripsy prototype device with transfer of prototype device from R&D to production.
  • Career highlight — Co-designed and manufactured a specialized corewire to allow a built-in blood pressure sensor to be embedded in it. Helped transition this prototype design into production.
  • Career highlight — Designed lean manufacturing fast changeover tooling for grinders, reducing setup times by 60%.

Microspring Inc (Medical device design & manufacture) — Norwell, MA1996 - 1999
Lead Design Engineer

Served as project manager / lead designer for a cross-functional team of technicians, machinists, electronics engineers and draftsmen. Managed resource allocations, budgets, and milestone adherence. Designed equipment and fixtures for mechanical performance and optimal man machine mechanical/GUI interfaces to increase productivity, minimize fatigue and improve quality.

  • Career highlight - Project Manager/Lead Design Engineer of cross-functional team in charge of $1,000,000 budget to design and manufacture 7 State of the Art Precision Guide Wire Grinding Machines to grind precision shapes in 0.014" Dia stainless steel and Nickel titanium wire to 0.001" +/- 0.0001". Project completed on time and on budget and still in operation today.
  • Career highlight- Project manager in charge of setting up infrastructure for new grinding facility which included the seven new state of the art grinders and all necessary support equipment.
  • Designed and implemented a variety of high speed 0.014" Dia stainless steel coil winding equipment with automated feeding and unloading systems. Machine controls and functionality were designed for easy operator setup and running.

Glebar — Franklin Lakes, NJ1988 - 1996
Research & Development Engineer
  • Designed equipment operator interfaces and cell layouts for specialized grinding equipment.
  • Conceived or improved grinding machine equipment and tooling designs to achieve low cost manufacturing.


Loughborough University - Leicestershire, England, UK
BSc (Hons) Design and Manufacture Engineering

Loughborough University - Leicestershire, England, UK
Diploma in Industrial Studies

Mass Art - Boston, MA
Industrial Design Continuing Education Class Credits

American Management Association, Certificate in Business Management